this is incomplete, names of locations and characters are missing This is going to be a campaign set in Faerun, trying to incorporate apart for the hack and slash fun, politics, the importance of choices, and especially choises made be leaders. The optimum composition of the party would be 4 PCs, of which 3 are male and one female (or 2 male 2 female).

The players are siblings, the only benefactors of their father’s feud. They are not the usual adventurer’s who would be found dweling in a dirty inn or pub, and certainly they are not poor. In fact, they are enjoying a very good life, in luxury, with private teachers instructors and proffessors for their education, loyal (or maybe not so loyal) servants and maids, cooks, personal artisans and of course their very own castle, which they call home. The Lancaster Keep is a medium sized castle, located near the sea, ruling over a small city near it, relying mainly on trade and it’s lands (and slaves, who work for the feud) to create an income. This is enough to make sure the Lord’s children have anything they may need, and to keep asmall sized army, for purposes of defence against nearby feudal armies, keeping the common people in order and sometimes looting and ranshacking a nearby enemy village. Sometimes, an occasional master craftsman will pass by, as a guest to the lord, or some old wise and lot travelled wizard or scribe, seeking the trails of Faerun’s ancient history, but generaly foreigners are scarce. At least they were.

Wars were always frequent between the feuds of Faerun, and borders are generally fluid between rival territories. But these years war has become an almost everyday drill for soldiers and commoners, who haven’t seen peace for many many years. Not many months ago, one of the most hated nearby lords has raged once again war against the Lancaster feud, pusing with his army a lot deeper than anyone could evern think. In fact his armies can be easily seen from the Keeps walls, patroling around captured villages, getting ready to ultimatelly overrun the keep once and for all.

characters should be of about 3-4 levels, since in their background have some good tutoring and trainings, they have some solid knowledge of history and lore, know of royal manners, names etc and propably are disturbed in the thought of living a commoner’s life.

Every character will have a role in adventuring and combat, while playing a role in the castle life and castle keeping.

One of the PCs will have to play the role of the older brother (6-7 years older that the others), who has experienced war, and thus he has earned some more level than others, or maybe some extra special feat. To balance the level difference, it should be almost impossible to advance a level until the others almost catch up to him. It is prefered for him to be a warrior of the front lines, not dump, but not the brightest guy either. He wouldn’t made for a master tactician, but has valuable knowledge obtained for hist quests and time in the army. Note that he has not experience as an adventurer, but as a soldier.

Another one has to take upon his shoulders the role of the tactician (whose mechanics will be discussed later), one who has studied a lot, and he is good at thinking. He can find ways to go through a challenge by correctly managing the brute force he has available. He is not yet a master tactician, but his on the right path of becoming a great strategist. He or she could be of any class, although a wizard would sound better for the case. Starts the same level as his or her siblings (3-4), and his strategic skills are to be reflected into battle from special feats.

The third one has to be the adventurer of the family. It is not needed to have actuall adventure experiences, but his leaning towards this life should be clearly reflected in his psycology and reactions. Young and reckless, he is is a chaotic character, to whom all this management of the region, tactics and trade don’t make much sense. He is a free spirit and generaly rejects rules and bindings, and could be found stealing from a trader, either to fill his own purse, or feed a family in the slumbers. This will be shown by feats and skills unique to him (as with everyone else). He can be good or evil and stealth or shadow favoring classes would be prefered (like a rogue, or a bard)

The last one needs to be a person with great understanding of economy and it’s mechanics. Dealing with traders is her specialty, same goes for managing the state. She is ruthless, and can do just about anything to make that perfect deal.Although complicated charts and stacks of papers are her area of expertise, she still is a capable companion, although she is fragile, due to the lack of time for physical training. Has high charisma, and neturality would fit her best.Despite that, she does love her family, and can occasionaly feel pitty for a poor orphan, or take some action to improve the peasants life.

If all characters are human, then the prossess is easy, if not, some hooks and explainations have to be added as to why an elf is son of a human lord (adoption is a good solution). Another homebrew solution is to give the characters the bonuses and flaws of any race they choose, but consider them being human, and abide to any class restrictions (race specific classes etc) there because of that, although though the cource of the campaign they come be overcome as well.

The story begins when the rival lord decides to attack the keep, laying seige and eventually braking though the walls.

The rise of the Lancasters